I am a runner, cyclist, and a web developer.

My Career

In 1995, I first started experimenting with HTML. I was fascinated by the ability to reach a potentially infinite number of people by writing a few lines of code. As soon as I got bored with HTML, I discovered PHP, and was entranced all over again by the idea of dynamic websites - sites that could change over time without requiring tedious changes to every page.

These days, I'm the CTO of Last Call Media, a small digital agency that serves as a thought leader in the Drupal world. In my role at LCM, I work with a lot of Higher Education and Government organizations, primarily in the architecture and dev-ops phases of the project. I love helping teams develop solid, maintainable websites, and I have a passion for automation, testing, and general dev-ops practices.


I started running in 2008 as a way to lose weight. Running felt great, and it became an outlet for stress in my life. Several marathons later, I can now appreciate that running is more than a fitness or stress reduction tool - it's a way to enjoy the world around me... when you view the world as a playground, it makes it easier to play.

These days, I still run a few road races every year, but trail running is my jam. Trails are nature's obstacle course, and the sights and sounds can be breathtaking.